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Strayhorn: A Mitchell-Ruff Interpretation

A 50th Anniversary Reissue featuring the seminal last work by Billy Strayhorn - Suite for the Duo

Take the A Train
Passion Flower
The Suite for Horn and Piano
Rain Check
Chelsea Bridge
Upper Manhattan Medical Group
Lush Life
Bonus Tracks:
Tanto Canto (Candinho, Augusto, Freire)Gypsy in My Soul (Boland & Jaffe)

Liner notes
Sample Track:
Suite for Horn and Piano: Mvt. I

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Dizzy Gillespie & The Mitchell-Ruff Duo, Vol. 1

1. Con-Alma 8:52 (D. Gillespie)
2. Dartmouth Duet 3:13 (W. Ruff, D. Gillespie)
3. Woody 'n You 4:44 (D. Gillespie)
4. Blues People 11:16
(D. Mitchell, W. Ruff, D. Gillespie)
5. Bella Bella 7:19 ( W. Ruff)
6. Chuva 3:49 (Ferreira, Freire)
7. Nao Deixa 5:23 (Candinho, Freire)
8. Street of Dreams 3:26 (S. Lewis, V. Young)

Liner Notes
Sample Track:
Woody 'n You in MP3 Format. (5.5 MB)

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Breaking the Silence

The Mitchell Ruff Duo
Dwike Mitchell, piano
Willie Ruff, horn & bass

Autumn Leaves
Passion Flower
A Train
Brahms Lullaby
Stravinsky Firebird Lullaby
Lullaby of Broadway

Liner Notes
Sample Track-
Autumn Leaves in MP3 Format (7.2 MB)


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Virtuoso Elegance in Jazz

The Mitchell Ruff Duo
Dwike Mitchell, piano
Willie Ruff, horn & bass

Light Blues (Mitchell-Ruff)
Ill Wind (Arlen)
I've Got a Crush on You (Gershwin)
My Man's Gone Now (Gershwin)
L.M.E. (Mitchell)
Last Night When We Were Young (Arlen)
I Got Rhythm (Gershwin)
Stardust (Carmichael)

Liner Notes
Sample track:


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The Harmony of the World

A Realization for the Ear of
Johannes Kepler's Data
from Harmonices Mundi 1619

1.The Planets from Mercury Outward
2.The Nine Planets from 398 A.D. to 428 A.D.
3.The Nine Planets from 2250 A.D. to 2280 A.D.

This recording was included by Carl Sagan on the Golden Record for the Voyager Mission!

As a companion to this recording you might consider Stephen Hawkins: The Illustrated: On The Shoulders of Giants for an excellent translation of Kepler's Treatise. Having originally worked from the Latin to create this recording with geologist John Rodgers, Willie Ruff was delighted with the release of this book.

Liner Notes
Sample track:
Mercury Outward


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Gregorian Chant, plain chant, and spiritutals

Recorded in Saint Mark's Cathedral, Venice
Willie Ruff, solo horn

1. Kyrie X
2. Gloria XIII S.
3. Kyrie XV-XVI S.
4. Gloria XVI S.
5. Benedicamus Domino
6. Sanctus XI-XII S.
7. Benedicamus Domino
8. Pange Lingua Hymn
9. Kyrie (H. du Mont)
10. Gloria (H. du Mont)
11. Credo (H. du Mont)
12. Agnus Dei (H. du Mont)
13. Were you there? (Spiritual)
14. Steal away (Spiritual)
15. Go Down Moses (Spiritual)
16. Give me Jesus (Spiritual)

Liner Notes
Sample track: Kyrie
Sample track: Were you there?


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© Kepler Label - Now in Paperback; 432 pages

A Call to Assembly: The Autobiography of a Musical Storyteller

by Willie Ruff; copyright 1991..

Jacket Notes

© Paul Dry Books Edition, 2000

Mitchell & Ruff : An American Profile in Jazz

by William Zinsser
Forward by Albert Murray
Reprinted by Paul Dry Books, 2000

Curriculum Guide by Marguerite McGlinn


WR as Sideman and Other Labels


Les McCann - The Mitchell Ruff Trio- 20 Special



Miles Ahead

Willie Ruff, horn


Miles Davis - Porgy and Bess Remaster

Willie Ruff is the horn player


The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings - Miles Davis

Willie Ruff is the horn player


Gil Evans & Ten

Willie Ruff, horn


Miles Davis Love Songs

Willie Ruff, horn


Songs of Leonard Cohen

Willie Ruff, bass

Interview with John Hammond and Leonard Cohen
BBC, September 20, 1986

"The support that Willie Ruff brought to those sessions was crucial. I couldn’t have laid down those tracks without him. He supported the guitar playing so well. He could always anticipate my next move, he understood the song so thoroughly. He was one of those rare musicians that play selflessly, and for pure and complete support." — Leonard Cohen

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